Freedom CNG

Advertising is about more than just getting attention. Ads should also stir consumer curiosity and emotion. This is how you get a customer from just looking at a billboard, to looking you up on Google. Or, how you turn an online glance into an interested ‘click’.


Every advertisement is an attempt to lead the onlooker into some sort of consumer journey. And along the way, that journey should at least articulate three main objectives:


-Create a connection (establish relevancy).

-Present your value (highlight strengths).

-Prove your worth (create credibility).

Now, where an advertisement is placed determines which of the aforementioned takes priority. And many times, an advertisement can accomplish multiple objectives at once. Usually, the more impactful the relevancy and credibly of a brand, the more likely a consumer will be to indulge curiosity and break previous habits (more specifically, other pre-existing brand loyalties).

For Freedom CNG’s leave-behind flyers, we knew relevancy would be established before their sales team left the client’s building—and simply by the niche nature of the product. Therefore, our approach to these flyers was more focused on highlighting the strengths (i.e. cost, market stability and sustainability) of natural gas; as well as re-emphasizing the credibility of the brand by presenting side-by-side data comparisons and pre-existing partnered brands.

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