Fresh Tap Tours

Many clients approach us with a general idea, or business concept. Our job is to identify what will distinguish them from any existing (and all potential) competitors. Fresh Tap Tours was no exception.

Fresh Tap Tours’ business concept was simple—provide group tours and tastings of Houston’s growing brewery scene. But tour guide competitors were a-plenty. So, how to differentiate this brand from all others?


A clever logo is great, but will only go so far. This is why we begin every branding project with an extensive breakdown of a client’s business strategy and value proposition(s).

In the case of Fresh Tap Tours, we recommended the business place a high-priority on entertainment and convenience. Rather than transportation and price, like many competitors.


This prioritization resulted in purposeful tour routes, insightful in-transit activities, and impactful perks.


Establishing these attributes naturally directed the brand to a more lighthearted and approachable personality. Which we then carried over into the name, logomark, and website/marketing collateral.

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