How We Work.


Our approach is ours. And we own it.


We practice what we preach. We do more than consult creative strategy, we live it.

With our clients.


Our clients are busy people. They’ve invested in us, so we invest in them.


We build relationships. We keep work professional, but the creative process is always a personal one.


We make an asserted effort to connect with our clients—to understand their personal philosophies and their professional ambitions.


We like to travel to their place of business. Get to see them in their element. Encounter the company’s culture and personnel. And observe the hustle-and-bustle on any given business day.


We always present initial concepts face-to-face. Revisions can be done via conference calls, but we prefer the in-person approach as much as possible.


We also enjoy productive lunches and insightful coffee meet-ups. Weekdays or weekends, our services always work around our clients’ schedules.

With each other.


Cmnd Creative is (and always will be) a small, tight-knit agency. We leverage technology, work-life balance and accountable autonomy to create an operational fitness no other agency can match.


Our entire team resides in Houston, TX. As does our Base Cmnd headquarters.


We workshop at Base Cmnd, execute from home studios, then deliver results in person.


Our availability extends beyond 9-5, for our clients and our work. When we need to discuss projects, we simply meet up at Base Cmnd, get on a call, or chat online.


We respect one another with honest feedback, and trust each other to be self-managed.


For us, this work-life balance instills accountability, encourages autonomy and demands discipline. For our clients, it translates into approachability, accessibility and accommodation. This is our operational fitness.


This is how we command creative.

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