Leed Technologies

The three co-founders of the wearable technology company, formerly ‘Data MedEx’, approached us with a definitive vision for their flagship product, but with very little established in the way their company’s brand—messaging strategy and philosophy.


Before we could even attempt the design process, we worked to uncover their collective values, personality, and vision. From those discussions, we presented the client with a new name, messaging tone and philosophy. These assets would not only direct the design process, but also the future development of the brand.

After finalizing the name and logomark for Leed Tech, it was time tackle the company’s first challenge—create a website that would allow the business to market their first product as well as procure further investors. Our solution was to create an exclusive, invite-only website for the client to share with interested parties.

Password protected, the website detailed proprietary information for investors. In addition, the website also featured a payment gateway, and offered special early-bird pricing for their flagship software and hardware ecosystem. Finally, we created a ‘teaser’ flyer for the client to share (both, in print and digitally), containing the website’s login credentials.

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